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which mostly concerns jiggling their ass cheeks and slathering them in oil.

Daphne Rosen Escort Seattle, LA, NY

A day to spend with our families, enjoying food, football and giving thanks for everything that helped get us through the year.

The Daphne Rosen Fan Club

And btw, I've never met Daphne, she isn't my type thus I have never contacted her.

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This list originally included Eva Angelina and Briana Banks, but both made a comeback recently.

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Daphne Rosen

Thanksgiving is once again upon us.

: daphne rosen : Discussion in Porn Stars, posted by tylerboy

Daphne Rosen from After experiencing cult status as a model for magazine and appearing on The Jenny Jones Show, Rosen entered the porn industry at the age of 20, and has worked for almost every hardcore production company in "Porn Valley", California as well as many in Miami, Florida and throughout North America.

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- Daphne Jeans - Since we were already on the subject of jeans, it seemed this was the best place to start.

Daphne Rosen Pics, Bio & Life

Daphne's career may not have changed much over the years, but you might be surprised to know her appearance has.